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S2K Test Server Back Online

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S2K Test Server Back Online

S2K Test Server is back online and BOY have we made some changes! Read the notes below to see what changes/balances have been made!!!

Make an exact duplicate of your current EQ folder that you use and play with BEFORE applying these updates. (i.e. Copy/Paste but rename the 'pasted' one.)

Download S2K core files HERE and extract/unzip those, *THEN*, grab the Test server files HERE and extract/unzip into that same directory.

Key Notes:
Fixes for items with invalid lore tags (Mob is immune messages).

Fixes for items with invalid combat effects / worn effects (ie chest plates with combat procs).

Fixes for Drakkins and Frogloks not being able to wear Class Sets and over 2000 miscellaneous items.

Fixes for broken focus effect descriptions.

Many 2-handed piercing weapons switched to one handed since 2-handed piercing is not implemented on certain clients.

Loot drops for Zerker and Beast Lord added where missing.

City of Mist keys added to loot tables.

Fixes for items with invalid sell / buy values crashing clients.

Fixes for varrious AAs that were untrainable / missing.

Fixes for invalid text strings in many AAs.

Fixes for non-functional Warrior Disciplines.

Miscellaneous Spell adjustments.


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