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S2K Test server is UP and needs your feedback!

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S2K Test server is UP and needs your feedback!

The S2K test server is back up and running. A few things first. You must have the test server files (*LINK HERE*) In order to enjoy all the benefits. Extract that into your client directory and come see what we've been cooking up. Your old accounts and toons are all still here!  A couple of things to keep in mind. As this is just a test sever, any progress you make with your characters will NOT be transferred over to the live server. This is really just to allow all of you to see what direction things are going and how far we've gotten. Naturally, we do expect that you will undoubtedly still find some issues and we have a new forum for that. "Test Server Bugs".

Overview of fixes:
Invalid combat proc fixes: Removal of invalid effects and migration to click effects / Worn effects.
Item buy/sell prices adjusted on many items to avoid memory overflow that caused Client / Zone Server Crashes
Fixes for many AAs for General and Following Classes: WAR, CLR, PAL, RNG, SHD, DRU, BRD, ROG, SHM, NEC, MAG
Fix for Mobs Immune to weapon damage bug, all custom items should be able to hit mobs.
Adjustment of 2-Handed Piercing Weapons, most migrated to 1-Hand piercing, some class restriction adjustments.
Fix for missing Rivervale to MistThicket Zone line.
Adjustment of City of Mist loot tables, Keys should now drop.

*New*: Updated Warrior disciplines

Perks that are test server ONLY:

All players given access to #finditem, #findspell, #findzone, #giveitem and #peqzone.

Added a 'Helper' NPC to tutorial, is scripted to allow players to do some limited things, ie set their level, AAs, get money, summon items, etc

Many thanks to Scorpious for not only being server host but his custom zones.

Be sure to wave and or cheer at GM Surrix for all his hard work flushing out the bugs.

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