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Your Vote Counts! Voting poll open!

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Your Vote Counts! Voting poll open!

That's right! We have some exiting changes going on and YOUR input not only matters, it will shape the future of the server!

Scorp has added some AMAZING content. Some for regular player, some for 'donators'. (currently a $5/month/account *choice*. It's well worth it. Custom zones and loot!)

 {'Donator' status is NOT per-toon on the account, *ALL* toons on that account are also given 'donator' access} 

We have many, many, many possible changes that will make this server a truly unique experience in all things. (Spells, Pets, Quests, Items. It's up to YOU players what step we take next! )

 We will set up new polls frequently as we NEED YOUR INPUT!!!

Vote!  Be "That Player" who voted for the next big change!!!

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