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Breakthrough on pets!

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Breakthrough on pets!

As Scorpious2K and I have been working hard on not only how to create and implement the pets (and ALL the other spells) that come at higher levels for all classes, we have indeed made a breakthrough...a couple, in fact.

1.) We hope to very somewhat soon have the summoned pets above the "75" cap FUNCTIONAL as we have gained great insight into why they did not respond *AS* pets and will no longer be an issue once the changes have been made. Thank you all for your patience in this matter, it has paid off.

2.) We have also found out how to have summoned pets come equipped with items such as sword, shield, dagger, etc. or whatever class-specific item they may need. Slash,Kick, bash, round-kick, Back-stab....yes...they will serve you well once again, as intended.

3.) ....and yes....the pets that cast spells will still cast spells. We've figured that out as well. (Wasn't that difficult really after the other stuff)

4) I'll post here again when I have made enough progress to get some of you to come back and gives your new 'toys' a whirl.

Great News

Sorry i never got to finish that spread sheet I was working on, I never got past testing the magician pets.  Look forward to coming back to play again soon and thank you guys for the hard work.

Not a problem

I've found some other handy resources that will at least put things into the ballpark. Naturally, I'll have to throw in a little something extra. devil

"We are not only not "like" live, we take pleasure out of NOT being like live." -Scorpious-

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