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Necro spells from 1 to 75 completed!!

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Necro spells from 1 to 75 completed!!

Got Necro? Come to Copper City and gather all the spells you've been missing! Use them against the enemy! Watch them squiiiiirm like the bugs they are!

New Necro pets available!

That's right! The was some level balancing, class restructure, and best of all, class spells (YES! They can cast spells now!!!) and abilities added to the skellies and can now 'proc' their class-skill attacks. Also, NEW PETS!!!!   Yup.....Skellies up to Lv85, Unliving Murderer, are now available in the Copper City spell vendor area. Come join the fun!

"We are not only not "like" live, we take pleasure out of NOT being like live." -Scorpious-

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