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More EXP in custom zones!

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More EXP in custom zones!

Now if you play in custom zones - zones that don't come with the EQ game but have to be downloaded from us, like Homeland Islands - you will get an extra 10% EXP. Donor zones now give an extra 20%.

Remember, these zones have to be downloaded and copied into your EQ folder before you go into them the first time or you will find yourself floating in space!



Very, very nice! Looking forward to leveling a bit.

"We are not only not "like" live, we take pleasure out of NOT being like live." -Scorpious-

What is the list of custom

What is the list of custom zones that we can find on the server Scorp? just so others and I know!

In the Downloads section.

The Files

S2kStartfiles.zip While most files are optional and only needed if you intend to go to specific zones, this first file is required, It contains the basic files for the game. You will not be able to play without the content of this file. Download it at this location.
S2kHomeland.zip Contains the files you will need for the alternate starting zones, in case you want to start somewhere other than Tutorial. This is needed for the place Rod Serling tells you about. Download it here.
S2kMars.zip Yes, Mars. The planet. Actually based on the real terrain of Mars, with a healthy portion of Dindoleki's imagination. Something well worth exploring!! Coming soon.
S2kJuno.zip Based upon the terrain of southeast Alaska, this is a four zone, mountainous, adventure. Coming soon.
S2kArena2.zip Our own custom version of the ultimate arena. The home of Dragonous Two`k, it is largely used by high level players to battle the big D and his minions... but we will also be using it for events at times. Coming soon.
S2kSunset.zip This single zone is the ultimate tradeskill zone. Coming soon.
S2kManhattan.zip Based on the terrain of Manhattan Island, but is a city turned to stone and lying in ruins thanks to an evil goddess in hiding at the top of the old lighthouse. Coming soon.
S2KWindcatcher.zip The Land of the Windcatcher, a magical place filled with fairytale characters. Coming soon.
Donor zones. A nice spa, but don't wander off. There are dangerious creatures out beyond  the neatly trimmed grass. Not to mention the volcano, filled with... nevermind. Just relax. Link for download is available in the Donor forum.

"We are not only not "like" live, we take pleasure out of NOT being like live." -Scorpious-

You make a good point.

Most of those are "coming soon"...yet I know that they are already online. I'll poke Scorp a few times...politely...and see if he can update those descriptions a bit.

"We are not only not "like" live, we take pleasure out of NOT being like live." -Scorpious-

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