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Mumble voice server

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Mumble voice server

I have a Mumble server running on one of the home computers. Subject to being comcasted regularly, I am leaving it up mostly for the use of donors and staff. Anyone else gets stuck in the lobby for now, sorry. 

Mumble is an open source project that is known for its prudent use of bandwidth. You can read about it on their website and download the current version here. It supports Windows (32/64), Linux, OS X, and iOS. There is also a third party version for Android. Something for everyone.

To connect:
address: scorpious2k.tk
port: 64738

Interestingly it will not let

Interestingly it will not let me "Register" under self. The option is grayed out.

--- Characters ---
Rhaegor Litebright || Jungle Fever || Magician
Scarecrow Enchanter || Vah Shir Beastlord || High Elf Magician


I tried it with a fresh install and got the same problem. I may need to put a GM or bot on there to register people unless I can figure it out. Meanwhile I will try to catch you on and register you.

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