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EQMU-Command Reference


This page, and all the links on it are direct copies from our 2006 website. Not only might this information be outdated and inaccurate, it definitely IS !! We are working to update it.

Once the information is updated/confirmed it will have [UPDATED] added to the link on the Info page to show it has been done. Until then don't believe anything you read without confirming it at another source.

These are the commands and authorization as set up in a standard
The settings for Scorpious2k are different

*** Some of these commands have changed, check #help ***

EQEmu Commands
(Status 0+):

#itemsearch [id] searches item database
#summonitem [id] summon item
#goto [x,y,z] warps you to coords
#zone [zonename] zones to safepoint in zonename see list
#zonestatus shows what zones are up
#guild guild commands see list
#showstats Shows what the server thinks target stats are

EQEmu Very Privileged User Commands
(Status 20+):

#size [size] sets your targets size
#FindSpell [spellname]
#CastSpell [id] lets you cast spell # id see list
#setskill [skill num (0-73)] [number (0-252)] - Sets the targeted player's skill to number. see list
#setallskill [0-252] - Sets all of the targeted player's skills to number.
#flymode [0|1] turns flymode (allows you to fly) on [1] or off [0]
#race [0-255] (0 for back to normal) not all races/models are available in all zones. If it is unavailable you get a human see list

EQEMu GM Commands
(Status 100+)

#kill kills your selected target
#damage [amount] inflicts damage upon target.
#setxp sets target exp
/broadcast [text] broadcasts text
/pr [text] sends text over GMSAY
/lastname - Sets a player's lastname
/name - Sets a player's name
/server - Same as #zonestatus
#Depop Depops targeted NPC
#DepopZone Depops the zone
#Repop [delay] Repops the zone, optional delay in seconds
#zuwcoords [number] - Changes the underworld coordinates of the current zone.
#zsafecoords [x] [y] [z] - Changes the safe coordinates of the current zone.
#ListNPCs Lists all the NPCs currently spawned
#ListNPCCorpses Lists all NPC corpses in the zone
#ListPlayerCorpses Lists all player corpses in the zone
#DeleteNPCCorpses Deletes all NPC corpses in the zone
#freeze - Freezes your current target.
#unfreeze - Unfreezes your current target.
#gm on/off - Turns your GM flag on or off (Green name)
#npcspecialattk - Allows you to set the special attack flags by selecting the NPC
#gmspeed [on|off] - Toggles GMSpeed Hack (Zone for it to take affect)
#pvp [on|off] - Toggles your player killer flag

EQEMu ServerOP Commands
(Status 200+):

#shutdown shuts down the server.
#worldshutdown shuts down the worldserver and all zones
#flag [name] [status] flags account with GM status
#delacct [name] deletes an EQEmu account.
#zsave [file name] - Save the current zone header to ./cfg/<filename>.cfg
#dbspawn2 [spawngroup] [respawn] [variance]
#version shows build date of zone.exe
#grid [add|delete] [gridnum] [wander type] [pause type] creates or removes a grid entry
#wp [add|delete] [gridnum] [pause] [wp number] creates/deletes way point for grid gridnum
#gassign [gridnum] assigns grid gridnum to targetted NPC

EQEmu Privileged User Commands
(Status 10+):

#level [id] sets target level.
#heal (PC ONLY) completely heals target
#spawn lets you spawn a creature
#dbspawn [npctypeid]
#mana replenishes target PC mana
#texture [texture] [helmtexture] (0-255, 255 for show equipment)
#gender [0-2] (0=male, 1=female, 2=neuter)
#npctypespawn [npctype] creates a spawn of npc type specified (spawn is only temporary and has no loot)

EQEMu Quest Troupe Commands
(Status 80+):

#npcloot [show/money/add/remove] [itemid/all/money: pp gp sp cp] - Adjusts the loot
#npcstats - shows the stats of the targetted NPC.
#zheader [zone name/none] - Change the sky/fog/etc. of the current zone.
#zsky [sky number] - Changes the sky of the current zone.
#zcolor [red] [green] [blue] - Changes the fog colour of the current zone.
#zstats - Shows the zone header data for the current zone.
#timeofday - Sets the date to Monday, Janurary 1st, 1 at the specified time.
#date - Sets the time to the specified date.
#weather <0/1/2> - Off/Rain/Snow.
#permaclass <classnum> - Changes your class.see list
#permarace <racenum> - Changes your race. see list
#permagender <0/1/2> - Changes your gender.
#emote - Sends an emotish message, type for syntax
#invul [1/0] - Makes the targeted player invulnerable to attack
#hideme [0/1] - Removes you from the spawn list
#npccast [targetname] [spellid] - Makes the targeted NPC cast on [targetname]
#zclip [min clip] [max clip] - Changes the clipping plane of the current zone

EQEMu Lead-GM Commands
(Status 150+)

#summon [charname] summons a player to you
#attack [charname] - Make targetted npc attack [charname]
#kick [charname] kicks player off of the server
#zoneshutdown [ZoneID ZoneName] shuts down the zoneserver
#zonebootup [ZoneID] [ZoneName] boots ZoneName on the zoneserver specified
#deletecorpse - delete targeted player corpse
#DeletePlayerCorpses - deletes all player corpses in the zone
#motd [New MoTD Message] Changes the server's Message of the Day
#lock Locks the worldserver
#unlock Unlocks the world server

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