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Information and GM Docs


This page, and all the links on it are direct copies from our 2006 website. Not only might this information be outdated and inaccurate, it definitely IS !! We are working to update it.

Once the information is updated/confirmed it will have [UPDATED] added to the link on the Info page to show it has been done. Until then don't believe anything you read without confirming it at another source.

 Video Tutorials


The information provided here is not the best, just the best we can do. It will be updated when possible. Be aware that our server and the EQEmu software are both dynamic by nature and are constantly changing. So information that is accurate at one point could become outdated or inaccurate at any moment. Keep this in mind as you read and use these docs.


Tutorials and training

GM Tutorial: EQEmu Quest System Explained by Gnomagik

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